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Andover Community 5k
8 AM Saturday, October 22nd
Only $35 for the first 50 sign ups 
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Fitness Programs Available In Andover

Semi-Private Personal Training

Our Semi-Private Training is all about helping you find success with a customized approach while also surrounding you with a great group of friends and supporters. This program is perfect for groups of 6 or less.

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1-On-1 Personal Training

EP Fitness in Andover is dedicated to providing the best Personal Training experience around. One on one sessions and focused instruction is guaranteed to keep you working hard and achieving maximum results.

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Online Transformation Coaching

If you want to get the customized experience of our Personal Training program but life gets in the way, Online Training is perfect for you. It doesn't matter if you're in Andover with a tight schedule or across the country, Online Transformation Coaching can help you get personalized coaching from a distance.

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