Fitness Programs

Our Fitness Programs

EP Fitness & Personal Training will help you reach your goals

Semi-private Personal Training

Our Semi-Private Training program is designed to help you achieve success through a personalized approach, all while being part of a supportive and friendly group. 

This program is designed with an optimal client-to-trainer ratio in mind, ensuring personalized attention by limiting each session to no more than six participants.

1 on 1 Personal Training

EP Fitness in Andover is committed to delivering the ultimate Personal Training experience. 

Our one-on-one sessions and focused instruction are designed to keep you motivated and ensure you achieve your maximum potential.

Online Personal Training

Our Online Training program is perfect for those who desire the personalized approach of our Personal Training program but have a busy schedule or live far from Andover. 

With Online Transformation Coaching, you can receive personalized coaching no matter where you are.

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