Elevation Performance Fitness Trainers

Coach Cody Weber

Owner & Director of Operations

Cody specializes in C.R.A.F.T. Method analysis & implementation, Strength & Performance training, helping clients learn how to maximize their enjoyment during the process of getting crazy good results.

Coach Jaclyn


Sports was a means to safety, community, and purpose growing up for Jaclyn so, jumping into the fitness industry seemed like the natural avenue for her to facilitate similar experiences for others. Her personal health goals are to cultivate her hunger to grow spiritually, keep up with Cody’s business acumen as well as set the pace amongst her 5 kids in the areas of strength, mobility, endurance, speed, and power. Outside of EP you can catch her reading, listening to podcasts, and encouraging her friends!

Jaclyn specializes in Nutritional & Dietary analysis, Behavioral Psychology of lifestyle changes, Practical Fitness for busy parents.

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Lillian Mangus

Director of Programming

Outside of EP Lilian really enjoys working out and spending time with her family and friends! She also likes archery! She have always enjoyed health and fitness. she especially love lifting weights and know how good it is for her mental health to have working out be a habitual practice. Because of that, she wanted to walk along side others and be their biggest cheerleader and supporter during their journey to becoming the person they want to be! She’s trying to maintain 20% body fat! She’s also about to adjust her workouts into more weight lifting instead of training for a marathon, which she’s SUPER excited about.

A fun fact about her is that she got her undergrad at Barclay College and also have a Bible degree. 

Jenna Boese

Fitness Instructor

Jenna graduated from Emporia State University with Bachelors in Health and Human Performance. She became a personal trainer because she has a passion for helping people pursue the best version of themselves. Outside of EP she enjoys doing Crossfit, disc golfing and soccer. Jenna’s personal health goals are to compete first crossfit competition in the next year!

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Thomas McAdam

Fitness Coach

He has always had a passion for fitness, and have been super grateful for many people who taught him how to do things the right way. He wanted to be able to be that person for other people on their fitness journey. Thomas’ personal goals include improving overall strength in every area of his life. Outside of EP he plays sports, hangs out with his friends and family and spends time outdoors.

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